How Well do you Sell with Online Travel Agents?

Recommended can provide a bespoke Online Travel Agent (OTA) report showing unique insight and opportunities for your property.

What We Look At

We will analyse how well your hotel is performing on the OTAs and highlight opportunities where we can help increase bookings and in turn revenue, we will assess your profile for:


The ratio between online visitors and actual bookings made, (e.g. a 3% conversion it means that for every 100 people who look at your page, 3 make a booking).


Reflects the extent to which you have completed the necessary fields on the OTAs to the required standard.


The extent to which your on-line photos meet the necessary requirements in terms of both quality and quantity as well as effective representation and marketability.


The effectiveness to which your Property and Room Descriptions capture the Unique Sales Points of your property and communicates this to your customers.


Your effective use of promotions and special offers to drive business and provide additional purchase incentives.


Your current position in online listings and how successfully you are utilising your potential to maximise your visibility.

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