You’ve built your guest house up from scratch and are developing it into a thriving business to pass on to your family. We’re here to offer you the support and expertise you need to increase your occupancy while cutting down on the stress and micro-management required to run a successful guest house.

How we help

Many guest houses choose a channel manager to help them promote their business, but is this personal enough for you? When you invest your heart and soul into a hotel, you want a supporter on-side who cares as much about the guest house as you do, and who is committed to working side by side with you to achieve maximum occupancy. At Recommended Hotels we believe we offer you the ideal partner to help you overcome the specific challenges facing your business:
  • Allows you to take a step back from the day-to-day running of the hotel
  • A helping hand with management that keeps you in the driver’s seat
  • Get time away from the business whenever you need it.
Read on to find out more about some of the solutions we’ve developed that have successfully helped guest houses like yours to secure increased revenue from visitors.

Why choose us?

At Recommended Hotels, we provide the professional support and resources you need to be successful.
  • We offer a computerised system that works hand-in-hand with your own manual systems, and which we update on your behalf
  • A dedicated distribution system that understands your business and shares your passion for your guests and the local area.

See our Successes

Frequently asked questions

What does your system cost?

Nothing – if you don’t see an increase in revenue. You can work with us with NO set up fees, and NO monthly fees – and only pay a 10% comission for the ADDITIONAL revenue we generate for you. In other words, if you don’t increase your revenue, you won’t pay anything – it is 100% perfroamcne based, 100% risk free. Once your online presence increases, you will very quickly see an increased number of bookings coming in from the OTAs and comparison sites, leading to higher occupancy and profitability.

How will your system work with our current set up?

Our system is designed to seamlessly integrate with whatever in-house systems you already have in place. Our team of professionals work closely with you to manage the transition, and you will always have access to the customer data you require, including card details.

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