Can I access the RHE Channel Manager in different ways?

Yes, the system is web based and so can be accessed from desk top computers, as well as laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Can you help with special offers and packages?

Yes, we have a team dedicated to creating and loading these.

Do you help with rates?

Yes, we provide rate expertise, forward planning and RHE can supply twice weekly competitor analysis.

Can you get me more business via my own website?

Yes, our content service, focusing on internet visibility creates a billboard effect, thus driving more business via your own website.

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Do you provide reports to see how well your customers are doing?

Yes, we do provide monthly Management Information reports – our reports are completely transparent and show £ and % increase, as well as the ROI.

Can I access corporate markets with you?

Yes, we can identify both specific Corporate OTAs and Leisure OTAs…

Do you provide GDS connectivity?

Yes, we do and we also offer an exclusive discounted deal for Recommended customers.

I don’t have a Channel Manager – can I still work with you?

Yes you can – we offer our very own FREE channel manager ‘RHE’ to our customers on our Revenue Generator package.

Can you get me cheaper commissions?

Yes, we have negotiated preferential commissions with several OTAs that we pass on to our customers and we also have free advertising and negotiated terms.

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Key Facts


58% of all bedroom bookings are made online


72% of online bookers use OTAs


62% of people book directly with suppliers after seeing them first on OTAs.


95% of all OTA bookings are made from the first page of an OTA customer search.