We take care of everything…

Whether you have a hotel, a bed and breakfast, a conference centre, a university or even a tree house, if you have accommodation to sell you’ll be interested in what we do. We use a combination of cutting-edge software and industry expertise to ensure your venue is highly visible and attractive with the online travel agents, comparison sites and much more.

Want more revenue from the OTAs?

We make sure that your venue appears on the first page of OTA customer searches – where 95% of all OTA bookings are made – and that your offers, rates, and availability translate into click-throughs and bookings. For accommodation providers like hotels and B&Bs, there are a number of advantages of using online travel agents (OTAs) to sell your facilities, we work with all of the major OTAs, developing close relationships so that we can keep our clients bang-up-to-date with the very latest quality innovations. Ultimately, OTAs give you instant access to a large number of potential customers with online marketing & advertising for a low cost or commission in return. With 75% of online bookers using OTAs, and with 62% of people booking directly with providers after seeing them first on an OTA…. commission no longer needs to be a scary word!

Back Office Headaches?

Algorithms, package loading, rate parity, channel linking… what does it mean…? how to change it…? how to create the restrictions I want…? All questions we have the ‘paracetamol’ for… our team of UK based experts have the solution you need.

No time for updating multiple Extranets?

No problem, our very own online, real time channel manager ‘RHE’ takes the fuss out of updating as well as keeping your online bookings safe. Find Out More

Commissions, Commissions….

NO INCREASE, NO FEE – 100% Performance based pricing. Just 10% commission on proven business increase, meaning we only make money when you do – ‘Commission’ no longer needs to be a scary word!

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