In the rapidly evolving world of hospitality we've designed our teams to provide unrivalled expert support that takes away the headaches of managing your online performance. With over 90 years of experience in helping accommodation providers to find more profitable business online, you are guaranteed to improve your success.

Primary Set-Up

Experts in maximising ‘clicks to bookings’. Being seen on the internet and online travels agents is a challenge, this team ensures guests see and book you more than the competition. When you join, a member of the team works in partnership with you to build new channels and update all existing channels. Something we all know should be done BUT few find the time to do!

Distribution Managers

Upon successful application to join Recommended Hotels you will be given a dedication distribution manager. With the exception of time off, this person will be your single point of contact. Your dedicated distribution manager is in charge of making sure your hotel revenue and occupancy grows month on month.  They know and treat your hotel like it was there own.


OTA’s are always changing the way things work, promotions need loading, text and photo’s might need updating. This is the team that maintain and optimise your online presence. They produce up to twice monthly business analysis reports that the distribution manager will personally discuss with you. Building and implementing promotions, special offers for you.

Research and Development

The online world is always changing,improving and launching new ‘things’. R and D are there to find ways we can improve our software, the service we offer and uncovering new products on the market that will benefit you. It’s thanks to the R and D we have a range of key partners that offer their services or products to recommended hotels on exclusive deals. They hold regular reviews with OTA’s to negotiate for better deals and find out what is changing before anyone else!.

Sales and Marketing

Always looking for accommodation providers we can help. Showing  the benefits of joining Recommended Hotels by discussing with you, your current performance and your desired performance.  We are 100% performance based with NO SET UP FEE and NO MONTHLY FEE; so we only work with accommodation providers we can drive revenue and occupancy for. It is our sales and marketing team who assess and ensure both parties will have a profitable relationship together.

In summary included on our NO INCREASE, NO FEE package our team takes care of all this:

  • Building and connecting your online channels
  • Updates and optimises your online presence – Driving clicks into bookings
  • Set-ups and manages your GDS
  • Provides one on one dedicated personal support
  • Forward rate planning, rates advice and competitor analysis
  • Exclusive offers with key partners – Such as reduced commission on OTA’s, deals on PMS’s, Internet booking button
  • All this in addition to our channel manager which is included in your package

We only make our money when you see an increase in yours, that is how confident we are in growing your online revenue.

On average we return £100 for every £10 spent.